!! OMG, another monster! !!

Ahhhh! Just when you thought we had rid the world of its monsters, a scary, hairless creature has appeared crawling from a cave in Panama. Upon spotting the poor little guy, a bunch of teenage hoodlums immediately beat him to death. They must have heard him whispering to himself about “my precious” and flipped out. But still — f*cked up, right?
I’m putting the picture after the jump for those of you with squeamish tendencies, cause it IS kind of gross. But because I know my readers all too well I must remind you not to get your hopes up. The monster does NOT flash his peen.http://gawker.com/5361602/gollum-found-dead-in-panama

So what the hell is it? (I would vote ALIEN, except it’s not green.)
Via Gawker.

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4 Comments on "OMG, another monster!"

  1. i really dont think its a fake because it was on cnn and fox so thay should check out the cave it came from

  2. AND AND AND in the upper right picture it’s tongue is hanging out on it’s arm but in the lower picture the arm is missing and it’s hanging out on the rocks, but in all the pictures the body is the same and hasn’t been moved. This is HORRIBLE fakery.

  3. it’s a computer generated image, you can tell by the lighting and shading. also, the head is laying to the left in one picture and to the right in another YET the arm is the same in both photos so it’s not as if someone moved the head one way and took the picture and then moved it to the other side for another photo, it’s just BAD and I can’t believe anyone would fall for it.

  4. Some of the linked sources point out the sloth-like quality of it’s claw in the first picture. Plus there’s the slothyness of it’s face…
    Which just makes the whole thing very sad. poor little guy.

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