!! OMG, are you watching? The Hunks !!

The UK has its own version of the Jersey Shore…and the best part is, there aren’t any female cast members. So, basically, The Hunks is a gay fantasy come true, because there’s even nudity! See the NSFW shots after the jump.

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4 Comments on "OMG, are you watching? The Hunks"

  1. Wait, how is this like the Jersey Shore???

  2. Ohhh boy, I know what I’m going to be watching !

  3. The guy with the tattoos on his shoulder was on a programme about weird habits and his was plucking his pubes… it was awesome.

  4. Omg!…somebody please shoot me…PLEASE!!
    So sick of this self absorbed-mean spirited culture!! If there is a God, the world WILL end tomorrow as predicted.

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