!! OMG, sinful: International Draw Jesus Day !!

Mmmm, Jesus, have you been working out? It’s a good thing he’s got perma-abs, because on Dec. 26, Jesus will be posing for countless contributions to International Draw Jesus Day. The team at Hyperallergic — an art blogazine — devised the event in response to the Smithsonian’s much-publicized removal of David Wojnarowicz‘s video from its Hide/Seek exhibit earlier this month.
The video shows insects crawling over a crucifix, which the Republican party found offensive and pressured the institute to remove. But don’t just stop at bugs for Jesus’ big portrait. Hyperallergic says, “Bring it artists, we will show whatever you send us and NSFW is perfectly fine. Forget the people who want to censor our lives and art and long live freedom of expression!”
[via Hyperallergic]

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