!! OMG, gossip: Adele is preggers !!

There’s something rolling in the deep of Adele‘s tummy [evil beet]
…And speaking of Adele, here’s a puppy’s take on the singer’s signature sound [dlisted]
OMG, awkies… George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston had to share a private plane without bringing up Brad Pitt [jezebel]
Does ANYONE think Cameron Diaz makes a better brunette than a blonde? [berry]
It’s best to brush up on your bear lingo before you go hunting on the MISTER app [kenneth]
Of course Alexander Skarsgard would star in Bullett Mag’s Sin issue [oh la la]
Sharon Needles is without question the most controversial winner of Drag Race yet, just ask the gay activists who confronted her in Atlanta [popbytes]
Big whoop — another Alec Baldwin photographer fight [socialite life]
OMG, get this weekend’s top five must-downloads [celebrity cafe]
Not only does Katie Holmes want a divorce, but she wants sole custody of Suri, too [amy grindhouse]
Jeffery Self was only the beginning — meet all the Gay Beatles! [after elton]
Love ping pong? This 9-year-old kid will school you in the best tricks of the game [double viking]
OMG, Pitt Bull and Shakira made some musical love together [arjan]
Whatever you do this weekend, head for “Where the Bears Are” [joe]
How is Johnny Depp already dating someone?! Oh, right, he’s Johnny Depp [allie]
According to Donatella Versace, “feminism is dead in the world” [celebitchy]
OMG, why might Lauryn Hill be going to jail?!?! [tabloid prodigy]
Just in time for Pride weekend, Sears Toronto is getting its gay on [towleroad]

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