!! OMG, status update: Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge are married !!

Mark Zuckerberg made headlines the day after Facebook famously went public by throwing a surprise wedding in his backyard, but it’s fellow-founder Chris Hughes who wins the award for most adorable FB wedding. Hughes (left) married (the really insanely gorgeous) Sean Eldridge on Saturday at their home in Garrison, NY. Their Times wedding announcement tells the story of when the two first met:

Their first date was at Temple Bar in Cambridge. While Mr. Hughes did not remember what he drank, he is certain that Mr. Eldridge, then 19, did not consume alcohol.

“He couldn’t legally drink,” Mr. Hughes said.

Still, Mr. Eldridge said that he and Mr. Hughes “had a great time.”

“It all happened very fast,” Mr. Eldridge recalled.

I think we all know what that means.

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  1. Temple Bar?? Damn. Tragic…. (Glad it turned out well, I guess. Although I bet that prenup makes the Affordable Care Act look like light reading.)

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