!! OMG, Ben-d over and Sadler up: Benjamin Sadler !!

European crime series Tatort has been around for like a thousand million years or so…or I should more accurately say that it’s peen around for a while, as every now and then [probably just as ratings start to dip] they do a dip of their own and pop a peen in there to bring the disgruntled viewers back around again…genius penius!

One such peen player is Toronto-born German actor Benjamin Sadler who has mainly been in a bunch of German films and TV shows and most recently starred in the TV movie version of Anna Kareninanananana.

You can see shots of his rating-peaking NSFW banananananana after the jump…and if I was in that shower scene I’d blooming throttle that woman, after weeks of having convince the bros that a bit of golden shower play was cool and totally not homo or nothing like that, she strolls in there and makes them all question it all over again…oh my God I’d slaughter her, I’d drown her down the toilet bowl!

Click on the caps to see them in full resolution:
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-45-45].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-45-47].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-45-49].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-15].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-18].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-33].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-36].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-38].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-47].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-51].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-46-58].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-47-06].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-47-18].JPG
Tatort E794 (Benjamin Sadler)[13-47-22].JPG
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5 Comments on "OMG, Ben-d over and Sadler up: Benjamin Sadler"

  1. OMG! That’s HUGE!

  2. Hot! big and uncut, just the way i like em:) wish i was uncut, so unfair!

  3. Thanks Duncan to post this great full frontal! I love this guy!

  4. deedle_Dumpling | April 12, 2013 at 5:33 pm | Reply

    Nice, long hose! I’d love to find that handsome man in my shower some morning. 😉

  5. SO HOT…until you see the uncut elephant trunk. Gross.

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