!! OMG, Batman & Superman are totally bonking: Sunshine’s ‘Showering With Wine’ !!

So in Vancouver band Sunshine’s new video Batman is on the rebound from Robin, so guess who he speed-dials for a weekend of super fun?
Superman of course…his pet-name for him is Pooperman…but that’s a secret.
They do blow-back and champagne enemas, then they go to the club where Superman is so over it [eye rolls and such] but then soon gets wasted and totally into it.
The night rolls on and inevitably they end up having a fight on the way home, this is a total nerd-dream [Superman Vs Batman…drunk…who would win?]
After brawling in the PARKETTE [ladies please] they make up…and end up passing out in an ATM booth.
OMG super mega drama!
[via papermag]

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  1. A new kind of love story, brokeback style.

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