!! OMG, be prepared: For the end of the Boy Scouts !!

As a former member of Troop 213, I find the LA Times‘s editorial on the Boy Scouts of America banning — once again — gay people from its ranks to be particularly poignant. Still though, I miss camping:

“By refusing once again this week to admit gay people to its ranks, either as Scouts or leaders, the Boy Scouts may have satisfied some of the religious organizations that sponsor many of its troops, but it risks long-term irrelevance. Participation in its traditional Scouting programs has steadily declined over the last decade, by more than 15%, and is down more than 40% from the early 1970s… Some may believe that by banning people who are openly gay, the organization is keeping out sexual predators. But repeated studies have shown how false this assertion is. Besides, if that were the reason, what would be the point of prohibiting a lesbian woman from being a den mother, as the Boy Scouts have done?”

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4 Comments on "OMG, be prepared: For the end of the Boy Scouts"

  1. LOL i think those people who’s gone in bunkers under gounds should remains there. Unless you want to get a lot of ” I TOLD YOU SO”
    he he he he he he he he

  2. I believe scouts in Canada are genderless and sexual orientation is not an issue

  3. ignorant bastards,is it hate speach when it’s the truth? i was a scout as well, and trust me i was more concerned about the other boy scouts wanting ” favors” from me, then i was ever concerned about a troop leader being a pedo. so i am gonna repeat it, they’re ignorant bastards

  4. I think it’s just sad and revolting that they do that. I’m so sick of how people are treated differently, seriously: enough is enough.

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