!! OMG, Be Still My Heart: Arnie Schwarzenegger’s son steps out !!

Okay, okay, don’t kill me! I know he’s only 17 years old– so maybe this makes me a pervert– but this picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick, seen here exiting a yoga studio, is the only thing that’s brightened this rainy, chilly NYC day for me. One more picture (in semi-profile!) after the jump.
(One question, though: if your mom is a Kennedy and your dad is the Republican Governator of California, does that make you a Republican or a Democrat?)
[Via the Daily Mail]


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11 Comments on "OMG, Be Still My Heart: Arnie Schwarzenegger’s son steps out"

  1. Hey Shannon,
    Still waiting for you to accept my challenge. We want to see your nude hotness since you’re so much better than every celeb/near celeb they’ve ever posted on this website.
    Bmad, could you devote an entire post to challenging Shannon to put up or shut up? At least that way it will get his attention.

  2. Shannon.. You still haven’t learned to stfu? You should go troll some other place because I can say with a certainty your not welcome here.
    This kid will be a head turner in a couple of years.. No doubt.

  3. OMG! Hes fucking gorgeous! Wheres he been hiding? As a Yank in the UK,where the age is 16(get with the program America & the rest of the world!) hes perfectly legal & scrumptious as hell! Do we know his sexuality? Id imagine Daddy wouldnt like it if he were gay,bi or undecided! Mor,More,More! Yummy!!! 🙂

  4. as for right now he’s just a nice boy but in 1 year he will be fucking hot

  5. This CHILD is a nerd! What is “so hot” about this geek????? Skinny…PALE….colorless…no butt….no bulge…nothing!

  6. I live in a state where 17 is legal, so I am perfectly comfortable saying I’d tap that, and let it tap me. Nice basket, too.

  7. Oh for heaven’s sake. Thinking a 17 year old is hot does not make you a pervert. He’s less than twelve months away from being old enough to enlist in the military or vote; he isn’t 10. If finding some 17 year olds hot makes one a pervert, then most straight men I know must be perverts.
    This is something we ought to be able to agree on: He’s fuckin adorable. I’ll save any further thoughts for his birthday.

  8. It makes him fucking hot

  9. Is there any particular reason there have been a painfully limited number of posts daily these last couple of weeks? I tend to hope for at least 4 a day since over the past month or so, usually only 1 (or less) manages to grab my attention.

  10. Brandon Whited | October 4, 2010 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    definitely a democrat. like judaism it is based on your mother. well thats what makes me ale to marry him so yes that’s the way it works… for sure.
    and thank god he looks like his mother. so handsome. i dont think you are a perv, just appreciating beauty. and abs. and a pretty face. and nice legs and feet…

  11. Kevin in Cincy | October 4, 2010 at 5:51 pm | Reply

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?! And are those…tighty…whities?! You really must be having a bad day. Yeah, he’s 17 alright. Maria still buys his underwear…

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