!! OMG, best live show ever: Hercules and Love Affair !!

Hercules and Love Affair came to Toronto on Saturday and I have not danced so hard at a live show in recent memory. Andrew Butler’s production was perfect, they had live brass players (the “horny boys”), and the two vocalists Kim Ann Foxman and Nomi Ruiz were stunningly gorgeous and in perfect sync.
Speaking of Nomi Ruiz, she was a complete revelation on stage. She had moves that went on all night long, limitless energy, a voice packed with emotion (her take on the Hercules hit “Blind” easily stood up to the recorded version featuring Antony), and maybe not most importantly, but memorably, she was SO HOT, rocking a Xena Warrior Princess/Disco Queen two piece number with knee-high boots. I, along with everyone else in the room, was riveted.
The point of all this is to say, GO SEE THEM THEY’RE STILL ON TOUR. Check their MySpace for dates, but here are the upcoming U.S. ones:
October 22 Boston
October 31 Philadelphis
November 1 New York
November 2 Washington D.C.
I leave you with the video for “You Belong” (above), which is so full of butch queen realness, Nomi-liciousness, and Kim Ann foxiness that you’ll have to get yourself to one of their shows.

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