!! OMG, he’s naked: Stephen Moyer !!

I haven’t seen last night’s episode of True Blood yet, but I’m guessing Ryan Kwanten got naked again…just a guess.
Anyway, since we’ve already posted pics of Mr. Kwanten, we thought we’d post some shots of the sexy lead, Vampire Bill, from some of his earlier roles. Check out the NSFW shots after the jump.
To be honest I’ve got a tiny boner for RENE. I think it’s the accent…
Thanks to CB for the tip.


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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Stephen Moyer"

  1. steve moyer is one hell of a good looking sexy male hunk,anna is so lucky to have this man! wish I could have him,love everything about him,and his teeth are just fine.

  2. Why did Stephen Moyer have to shave his chest? I loved his dark chest hair!!!

  3. I think he’s very attractive. He has a cute dick its just so perfect. I would luv to bite my teeth into that lol!

  4. it’s america, queenie, people can say what they want to say…like i just did…lol!!

  5. youmustbehotshit | October 24, 2008 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    jesus you’re a bunch of bitchy queens. you must not get out into the world much. god knows what you’d be like in a room full of “normal” men

  6. i think his portrayel of Bill is one of the sexiest vampire roles ive ever seen! i was green(make that red) with envy when he bedded sookie and bit into her neck with obvious orgasmic pleasures! id like to say bill..go gay!! do me next!! 😉 im yours for the taking!

  7. Cutish but not much of an actor…
    Prefer the other guys

  8. OMG!!!! I thought I was the only one crushing on Rene(Michael Raymond-James). I love his cajun accent. I hope there’s a scene showcasing his naked body soon. God Bless HBO for having great shows that just happen to give you great nudity sometimes.

  9. i think he’s really quite sexy, and that hairy chest is a definite plus… woof!!

  10. He looks better in True Blood is all I can say. He has this character nailed down pat. And he DEFINATELY looks ..more grown in all areas I must say.

  11. terrible teeth urgh..

  12. Is that a penis or did someone tape a worm to his crotch?

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