!! OMG, best reader question ever: Gay perverts !!

Curious reader Susie submitted a letter to us over the weekend that ponders the psyche of those who post dirty comments on the blog, particularly in response to the nude celebrity photos:

This isn’t a tip, OMGBlog Gods, so much as a question. I’ve had it for a long time but decided today that I just must find out what the answer is, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it for me.

Your blog undoubtedly has a large gay base, so the flame dame quota (including myself) must be up there too, considering our boys usually like sharing fun stuff with us.

However, I am confused by something I see repeatedly on any posts involving attractive men, scantily clad, naked, or fully clothed…

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… there are comments such as:

* “What a nice big thick cock he’s got. I want to suck it and then have it rammed up my ass.”

* “What a hot sexy ass. I’d love to sniff, lick, and shag it.”

* “What nice big thick muscular thighs he has. I’d love to sit on them and feel and touch them up.”

My question (generally after a loud “EW!!!”):
Why do these guys think we CARE what they want to do to the pretty boys?
Do they think that by saying it that it will actually come true?

This isn’t reserved to gay men. Straight dudes probably do it, too, but to be quite honest I really find them kind of a drag so I couldn’t very well ask them.

Anyway, I found this question constantly boggled me especially as I was browsing some of your nudie posts (a girl has a sex drive, too!) so I thought I would ask the dudes who are wiser than Gandhi himself.

– Susie

My feeling on this issue is that the guys who post these naughty comments get off on A. putting dirty words into the public domain of the Internet and/or B. Airing their most intimate celebrity fantasies to strangers.
What do you all think? It would be great to hear from some dirty commenters on the issue! Click the poll or leave a comment.

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25 Comments on "OMG, best reader question ever: Gay perverts"

  1. THANK GOD someone asked this?
    I find all these comments about sucking, ramming, bottoming for all these men to be really annoying. IF you want to talk like that… why not just go to manhunt or gay.com or something and get laid?
    As a gay man, I find these comments embarrassing… yes, straight men act inappropriate too… but we chastise and make fun them. Therefore, I chastise and make fun of the flakes that post dirty posts here.
    Suggestion: go get a date… have sex in REAL life… then you won’t feel the need to wank off online and post dirty comments about Harry Potter, Brad Pitt, or any number of B-rated celebrities.

  2. There is too much irony in the comments here, such as the question poster being demonized on here actually supporting gays, and the people who are attacking her supporting wrongful gay stereotypes.

  3. every hetrosexual male i know has no problem saying they would like to fuck a pretty girls legs off when they see one, or other assorted remarks referring to sex. being the only gay guy in a family of 8 kids with 6 boys that is where i learned to say sexual remarks of the same kind only about boys. my brothers were all jocks so maybe that is just jock mentallity(i dunno not a jock)but it seems natural to say it and to hear it, from st8rt boys or gay boys.

  4. I don’t have too much of a problem of guys leaving crude messages ogling some naked dudes on a blog — but frankly they’re boring to read when they’re so blatantly obvious. I find it much more interesting when such comments are expressed in a witty and clever manner — it’s part of what makes reading blog comments enjoyable — but I guess that’s expecting too much.

  5. LOL good post. As a gay man myself i would think its just that we are horny and writing this online just makes us more horny…

  6. My homosexual friends, I love you, but I can’t believe you pulled the gay card on this one. The asker is obviously friends with lots of gays, and she’s not associating gay men any more so with perverted comments than straight men (in fact she’s complimenting gay men by asking them instead of straight men because she prefers them). And she’s not trying to censor anybody, she’s just asking why in the world someone would leave such ridiculous comments, for Christian Siriano’s sake. Leave the woman be! I think the title of this post (“Gay perverts”) may have misled people into thinking that this was an anti-gay attack of some sort.

  7. I agree with others who talk about it as a sense of community. That’s what comments sections are for, to read what others are thinking, and share what you’re thinking if you’re moved to. While my comments don’t usually get into inserting tab a into slot b territory, if I’m sufficiently inspired I will. I hear guys all day long talking “i’d hit that” (yeah that’s still around), milfs, etc. Oh, and there are a lot of women in my family, and I have heard women talk about men and sex in ways that could make a sailor blush, so the idea that GLBT/male/female makes much difference seems like a pretense.
    It seems like a really dull question to me, with an obvious answer. More interesting would be the people who comment on the size of a famous guy’s goods, in a very negative way. I’d like to know just what their definition of not small would be, whether it is bigger than a baseball bat, or if they just post small comments about not small guys to troll or out of jealousy.

  8. Many of my hetero male friends have no qualms with letting loose with similar diatribes on what they would like to do specifically to the ladies. Initially they did so assuming I was straight, which I corrected them by going on diatribes of my own about sucking cock and anal sex. I believe in equal time.
    So yes, straight males do go on similar rants about the object of their “affection”.

  9. Am I the only one that didn’t get that she was trying to stop the people from making those comments?
    It didn’t sound at all to me like she was trying to censor free speech, but instead wondering what motivated those comments.
    Sorry, guys, but I think your freak outs have gotten a little out of hand. She never said anything of the sort.

  10. I promised myself I would stop being judgmental of judgmental people.
    I have friends that use explicit language and friends that don’t, I don’t consider one group to be any more ethical than the other. I certainly don’t consider the more colorful ones perverted. They just have different personalities.

  11. im a gay man, and i dont get most of the cock and ass comments i see here either. because 99% of them are more adolescent than sexual, i assume they are written, for the most part, by guys who aren’t getting any real action. you’ll also notice that most of these guys see a normal sized dick, or a dick of any size, and their comment is: why so small? hence, my assumption that the only sex they have had is hand on dick, in front of bad porno.

  12. I believe the great Grace Adler once said,”Bad Queens….BAD queens!” Its kind of where I felt Susies’ last comment was heading.
    lmfao…I would personally say thank you Frank for allowing the comments that people post. Call it perverted or whatnot, its kind of funny to read those. Just people saying exactly what they want to say.

  13. Meowzer,
    I have much fewer straight male friends than I do gay (male or female) friends. Being a heterosexual myself, I would not peruse a straight man’s blog because, to be quite honest, I couldn’t care less about naked women or any of the subjects they could possibly be talking about. I was asking the guys at OMGBlog because I figured having had these comments posted all over their site, they might have some kind of insight into the minds of these guys.
    Furthermore, YOU are the one stereotyping your community. I was referring to guys on this site who feel it’s okay to leave those kinds of messages, not ALL gays. I’m blessed with gay friends who are respectful young men who hold ethics to a high esteem and while will occasionally give notice to an attractive individual, do not go on explicitly about what they want to do to them (and I pay them the same respect by not being explicit around them). I’d be weirded out if ANYONE did it, not just gay men.
    YOU seem to be the one putting the gay community in a marginalized box by suggesting that ALL gay men sit around making perverted comments about pictures. The way you made things seem, I would think that my friends are the only gay men in the world who weren’t perverted creeps, even though we all know that that is not true.
    I know exactly the suffering that the LGBT community has gone through and I have stood by their side since the very beginning. I think the blame falls on people like you, who just because of your own sexual desires, makes it seem as though all gays must fall under the same stereotype and think alike. This is no more true of gay men than it is for straight men.
    I was pretty explicit as to why I selected this blog for my question and why I was asking a gay guy (because I just don’t hang out with that many straight guys or care enough to bother with them). I would appreciate you not putting words in my mouth.
    Your being gay has nothing to do with leaving explicitly sexual comments to posts.

  14. I never post dirty comments. But I would feel very silly if I went judging the comments of bloggers in a certain subject matter (why are those history bloggers’ comments so boring…duh)
    I think people that do post dirty comments, do it in a sense of community, a place where they are not being judged, scrutinized and have the opportunity to openly say what they feel or think. Kind of a locker room, a group of confidants, etc.
    People like Susie disrupt this sense of community… She brought judgment and she has shared her sense of “disgust” about some comments. She has ridiculed with absurd suggestions (do they think it will come true) something that women do all the time. So, my best advice: if you are not the audience for something, don’t listen to it, don’t read it, don’t watch it. Blogs are communities: they have specific subject matters, members, audiences.
    But… if Susie is a woman, and we all know women are not as innocent as they claim… then drop the hypocrisy! It’s not like you have never had a fantasy. Or, it’s not like women don’t express their fantasies to their confidants or through other media.
    Hint: the reason people do it on blogs is to avoid people like you (Susie): judging left and right as if sitting on a pedestal of self-righteousness!!!

  15. wow.
    I never really thought about it, when I read those comments.
    I just kind of viewed it as the gay man’s equivalent of a straight guy saying “OMG that chick’s (fill in the blank body part) is fucking awesome I wanna (fill in the blank sexual act)
    People say some pretty crazy shit on the internet. It is not just limited to this blog. I do think of it as a sort of Internet Tourettes, which everyone suffers from.
    And I am probably among the small population of hetero females that view this blog – usually for the “Andy” Cooper, and the assorted cuteness. Which sometimes are one in the same. 😀

  16. Hey Susie, you go girl! As a gay man, I love to have fun. I love to stare at a great ass and while I think it’s sexier to see the package within the underwear dying to get out, it’s also nice to see it unleashed once in a while. I’m a party guy and I’ve had my share of dirty times in my life too…………..but I just don’t get this constant talk of wanting to fuck people or rim them or whatever. Jeez, are we gay/bisexual guys so shallow that we are totally defined by our sexual activity?? Sometimes on here, I really think so. I mean, there are some cute naked guys featured on here who measure up quite well, but the girly shrieks of “He’s too small for me” and “You’d never know it was even in” piss me off. They don’t offend me per se, but they offend my sense of being gay. For me, being gay is more than what I do with my dick, or with someone else’s for that matter, far more. There would be gay activists spinning in their graves to know that the freedoms we’ve fought for over the years have resulted in us being able to express ourselves in this rather ineloquent manner.

  17. I have to ask did Susie or HGB read the letter? The quotes she’s mentioning are explicitly geared to GAY men. Read them. I don’t any other visualization than that of reference to gay men. So, Susie, how can I make this any thing OTHER than homosexuality. You asked, I told and now you lambast me because you didn’t get the answer you wanted. Plus, while this may not be a “gay” site, I’d have to guess the majority is gay/bi/transgendered. You don’t like the way gay men talk or fantasize? Don’t read it! If that makes me an “angry dude” HGB, sorry about that. Gays have it hard enough in this world without Heteros, male or female, criticizing their postings in cyberspace of all places!! My God… it’s not like anyone sent the posts directly to her and made her read them. So, Susie, if you actually read MY post, you’d see that I, too, assume straight men and straight women do the same thing. But, unlike you, I’m not gonna punish anyone for unpure thoughts.

  18. P.S. I think that a) the angry dudes on here didn’t bother reading the entire question and b) they’re probably just angry at being called out on their shenanigans.

  19. I am pretty positive that she never said anything about it being reserved to gay men.
    I’m a bisexual guy, but I gotta admit, I am in total agreement with her. It kind of takes the fun out of seeing a hot naked person when you have some weirdo going into a Nathaniel Hawthorne TXTSPK description of what they’re thinking about as they beat off to it.

  20. me myself when i am out with friends and i see a hot guy, i look at my friends and tell them, i would fuck his brains out repeatedly, so as for saying it on the net, i don’t see that much of a difference.

  21. I think her post really gets into the difference between men, gay and straight and women. Men are baser when it comes to sex and say what is on their mind, women are more concerned with how it comes off and how other people react. that’s why the author has to make herself feel better about her ‘sophistication’ by putting down the honest comments of the men that post.
    Its not a gay thing, its a male vs female thing. No one is better, we are just as different as our genitalia.

  22. OMGBlog,
    Thanks for posting my question! My heroes!!! I have plenty more where that came from! 😉
    DON’T make this about homosexuality. I know gays want to have fun, and had you actually read my message you would realize that I explicitly stated that I imagine straight guys do the same thing.
    And no, when we girls gather together to talk about hot men, we generally just say “they’re hot” or “they’re gorgeous,” much like my gay friends do.
    It never goes into “I want him to shag me so hard up the ass that I cry” or “I want to cover myself in peanut butter and let him lick it off of me inch by inch, and then come on his face.”
    I’m reserving the criticism for on blogs and websites, the crazy things that dudes say (not JUST gay dudes). It just doesn’t make much sense to me why someone would tell a bunch of strangers, as if they cared, what they would like to have done to them.

  23. Here’s what I think: who cares about the hard dick comments as long as they voted for Obama?

  24. this poll is so hot i wanna ram it up my ass.

  25. Well… spoken as someone who SOMETIMES leaves dirty posts about things here… the first thing that comes to my mind would be “if you don’t like it, don’t read it”. But, that wouldn’t be very “gay friendly” now, would it.
    Personally, I just think of it as a way of self expression. Much like when a group of Hetero guys get together to discuss “chicks” or Straight girls discus hot guys. Why shouldn’t the gay community have the right to express themselves,too? After all, Susie, you can discuss the hot guys in public, or in your office, and nobody will fire you, look down on you or harrass you. Some gay people are still closeted in “real” life and this is their opportunity to “cat call”. As for the notion that saying it will magically make it come true. Puh-leeze! Get real. I find it hard to believe any of us are THAT delusional. So, Susie, before you think we’re all sick, deprived perverts, put that stiletto on the other foot and try to see life through somebody else’s rose colored Gucci sunglasses. Gays just wanna have fun!

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