!! OMG, oh don’t bind him: ETML’s ‘Bind Me’ !!

London-towns-folk ETML’s husky soultones give me the googlies in my nether-nest, his debut self-produced single ‘Bind Me’ has a banging thumpy pulse which kicks in after a round of the 18 year old Eliot’s sing-a-long, accompanied by a woodblock which sounds like it was struck in an empty London Underground tunnel.
I’m a big fan of this summer jam which is released officially in a couple of weeks, which incidentally is when I will be popping over to London to take him up on his offer and tying his hands and legs together to keep him as my personal singing telegram twink!

[via disconaïveté]

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  1. Adorable boy but I just can’t stand the voice.. Such a shame, this could have been an amazing track

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