!! OMG, ‘Black Swan’ winner: Clint !!

Behold the winner of our fabulous Black Swan contest! Clint won a pair of tickets to see the premiere of Black Swan at the Ziegfeld in New York earlier this week, which was quite a star-studded affair. We thought Clint channeled Natalie Portman’s menacing, icy beauty perfectly. Compare and contrast:

And check out the photos of the premiere after the jump. Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder both looked beautiful.
Black Swan opens in select theatres tomorrow, December 3, and will expand in the following weeks.

The girls: Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, and Winona Ryder
Vincent Cassel
Barbara Hershey
Natalie Portman

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  1. perhaps you can convince Clint to assume a Zack Rosen pose for us?

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