!! OMG, bottoms up: What happens when Chris Colfer drinks tequila !!

When Chris Colfer drinks tequila, apparently he babbles nonsense about being seventh in line for the British throne, or so he said to Jay Leno on last night’s The Tonight Show. Since turning 21, Chris said he’s enjoyed finding out what different alcohols do to his disposition. He can’t have consumed a lot of tequila, however, because he failed to mention that it also makes you insatiably horny and/or blindly mad. Maybe he just has more to learn…
(via Socialite Life)

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3 Comments on "OMG, bottoms up: What happens when Chris Colfer drinks tequila"

  1. but he is so much worthy than than Kevin Michael Barba kid. at least Chris Colfer is witty enough to make people like him. Plus he already has a Golden Globe. so screw you.

  2. R,
    If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  3. I saw that last night and I thought he was so stupid.

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