!! OMG, Bradley’s spa treatment: Zebra-girl creamsicles her brother !!

I love that Zebra-girl is giving her amicable toddler-tot brother a home-style spa treatment.
“This treatment is a carpeted full-body baby-soft scrub with essential oils of hibiscus and Desitin…it will leave you baby soft and rejuvinated”…she is definitely explaining that as she rubs it on.
The mom is totally not even letting Zebra-girl explain that she’s protecting him from the harsh rays of the sun, or -like- maybe he has diaper rash all over his face…and arms…and legs, you don’t know, you were downstairs watching Coronation Street, duuuur !
…and when mom says “you’re not supposed to do that are you?” Zebra-girl don’t even care anyway, she just splurges some more out, right in front of her mom face.
[via laughingsquid]

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