!! OMG, Bring Her Home: Kathie Lee Gifford !!

Kathie Lee has been on vacation from the fourth hour of the Today Show all week and I am dyinggggg! Of course I love Hoda but she just isn’t the same without her drunk Christian sidekick. They should just close this shit down when Kathie Lee is gone, even hot, hung, silverdouche guest host Dan Abrams cannot interest me.
And where is Kathie Lee anyway? Supposedly “on vacation with Frank,” but that story seems fishy to me. How can Frank travel without his cryogenic sleeping chamber?
To remind us of happier times, I’ve posted one of my favorite Kathie Lee videos, the inspiring and stylish ONCE UPON A UNIVERSE. Come back Kathie!

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  1. Wait, how do you know Dan Abrams is hung?? Damn, that man can guest host me anytime.

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