!! OMG, Britney demo sounds like…Ke$ha !!

When I heard the leaked demo of Britney‘s new single, Hold It Against Me, what ran through my ears were the vocal stylings of Madame Glitter herself, Ke$ha. This wouldn’t be the first time Brit used a song from another pop star, considering the slew of her past tracks written and demoed by Gaga — although going from Gaga to Ke$ha seems like a downgrade, no?
Brit confirmed the leak via Twitter, saying, “Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that’s good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday.” So she’s going to take Ke$ha’s voice, add baby noises and that’s what we’re going to hear next week. Whomp whomp.
(via dlisted)

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10 Comments on "OMG, Britney demo sounds like…Ke$ha"

  1. Britney is over, and has been for quite sometime.
    To the two idiots, it’s probably just one, who are/is bashing Lady Gaga, Gaga is the future, and is the best pop diva to come onto the scene since Madonna. Respect!

  2. This post was a complete disappointment. Not the fact that you talked about Spears, but the fact that you made a huge ASSumption based on a demo thats completely worthless.

  3. The amount of released gaga songs that were written for britney (Ex. telephone) is higher than few mostly unreleased track britney has used from gaga. Just sayin.
    PS I would chose Kesha over Gaga any day! Gaga peaked at bad romance.

  4. This site is a downgrade.Oh btw….Lady Gaga sucks balls. Period.

  5. Don’t think it sounds like a Ke$ha song at all. The voice is obviously not Ke$ha’s. I actually think the song is going to be really good, and there are not a “slew” of past tracks written and demoed by Gaga. A few, but hardly a “slew”.

  6. well. i liked this site until this post haha. PEACE OUT..

  7. The singer in the demo’s actually not Kesha, it’s Bonnie McKee.

  8. I gotta agree. This site has been on a downward spiral for a while.

  9. Lol if by “slew” of songs by Gaga you mean two that she ended up not even using, then yeah

  10. Go to hell seriously. The new song will be amazing and she will as usual have the last laugh. Educate yourself and realise that the DEMO is nothing like the final version. God this site used to be so good….

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