!! OMG, can’t wait: ‘Downton Abbey’ on PBS !!

I know I’m about to shamelessly reveal my nerdy side, but, OH MY GOD, I’M SO EXCITED!!! Downton Abbey, a 2010 British costume drama series, premieres in the ol’ US of A this weekend on PBS. While the above trailer is chuckle-inducing, for an actual look at the series watch this.
And if you need more convincing than that, I ask, do you love Maggie Smith? Have you watched her in Gosford Park a bazillion times? Does the mere phrase costume drama make you tingle? Good, then we all know what well be doing Sunday night at 9.

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2 Comments on "OMG, can’t wait: ‘Downton Abbey’ on PBS"

  1. I hope you enjoy it, but did you know they’ve dumbed it down for American audiences? I think this is sad. I’m a Brit and proud of it and yet when I hear that things are being changed for the USA, I get angry. I’ve met a lot of Americans in my travels, 99% of whom are intelligent and savvy and who could easily pick up the interesting nuances in the plot of something like Downton Abbey. Why do your networks treat you like morons? Interestingly, you will get the full series on DVD with no changes made.
    Enjoy it. My hubby and I just LOVED it when it was on over here. Maggie Smith is divine in it and Rob-James Collier as gay footman Thomas is good old British totty. What ho, old bean!

  2. I, too, can’t wait, but the trouble is that Masterpiece is opposite Desperate Housewives, so I’ve got it in my queue on netflix. It should be here sometime soon.

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