!! OMG, Bruce LaBruce debuts new commercial for his fragrance ‘Obscenity’ !!

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Canadian writer/filmmaker and queer cult fixture Bruce LaBruce has debuted his very own fragrance!
The perfume (appropriately titled Obscenity) is apparently is a combination of “Ancient and biblical essential oils combined with drops of the healing water from Lourdes create this obscene moment of in fragrance delicto.”

Here is the commercial I directed in Hamburg to promote my new fragrance, Obscenity. It features Katja-Inga Boldowski and Dwayne Strike. Music by La Jovenc. The bottle cap was designed in collaboration with jeweller Jonathan Johnson, and the eau de parfum was developed in collaboration with perfumer Kim Weisswange.

Check out the commercial below and you can purchase a bottle of Bruce‘s potent new smell HERE today!

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  1. Funny how Bruce LaBruce would show up today; I just finished watching Sugar (2004). Marvelous gay drama romance comedy all in one. (Of course comedy, with Bruce helping write it) See [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374252/ ]

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