!! OMG, burgers and massages: Kandahar !!

My friend Derek is in Afghanistan reporting on the goings on and posted a fascinating report about life on the base.

Located in a brand-new, pink-sided building is the Lai Thai Spa, where sore soldiers and civilians can head when they need a massage. Prices at the massage clinic start at $27 for a basic treatment, and although the place has only been open for about 24 hours, the booking sheet is filled.

The haircut I just got was pretty good. And tonight, the biggest choice will be whether to go to the British mess and have curry, or stick closer to the media working area and see how overdone the steak is.

Sounds like heaven to me! Beefy straight military men, spas, and Pizza Hut! Oh yeah and like a scary war-ravaged country with some people who want to kill you or something…
Read the full article HERE.

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  1. bahahah nice!

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