!! OMG, ca-ching: ‘Glee’ cast to host Fashion’s Night Out !!

I certainly see what Glee has done for gay and lesbian viability on TV, but what exactly has the show done for fashion to ready the cast for hosting this year’s Fashion Night Out? True, the cast wears clothes (oh, but imagine if they didn’t…) and most of Kurt’s sartorial choices are boundary-pushing (a kilt to prom, remember?), but that’s about all I got. We’re talking about FASHION here, not pedestrian mall wear. Am I missing something, Anna Wintour?

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4 Comments on "OMG, ca-ching: ‘Glee’ cast to host Fashion’s Night Out"

  1. Most of what Kurt wears is either Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen or Marc Jacobs. Still doesn’t deserve to host Fashions Night Out though!!

  2. Perhaps they were chosen because they actually wear clothes that people would and do wear. Not that overly pretentious garbage that you see walking down the runway (and I don’t mean the models) that no real person would be caught dead in.

  3. @ Bdab
    in glee’s defense, Blaine was always meant to be Kurts BF
    Sam/Kurt is too cliche.
    BUT i hate glees bad writing,
    and Ryan Murphy is a D-bag
    apparently Sam is laving cause of some drama with the girl that plays quinn

  4. I’ve been mad at Glee ever since they made that hobbit Blaine Kurt’s boyfriend instead of Sam/Chord Overstreet as originally planned. Oh yeah, and that little thing when they promoted the Warbler and the non-singing Glee club member to regulars but told Chord he’d only be a recurring guest. Ryan Murphy is d-bag and I’m too sad to watch my favorite show crash and burn.

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