!! OMG, Can We Congress: Carte Goodwin of West Virginia is America’s New Hottest Senator !!

Aaron Schock, formerly the hottest (not to mention the most festively attired!) member of congress must be gnashing his teeth and pulling out his frosted tips, as he’s been supplanted as America’s Congressional Stud. And by a Democrat! Noooooo!
Or, rather, oh yes.
In an effort to disprove the stereotype that West Virginians are straw-chewing, inbred yokels with missing teeth, Gov. Joe Manchin of West Virginia just named his former general counsel, Carte Goodwin, to take over the seat vacated by deceased Sen. Robert Byrd.
While the title of America’s Nudest Senator is still held by Scott Brown (R – MA), we’re hoping that Mr. Goodwin can soon take over that role as well. Playgirl, have you placed a call yet?

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11 Comments on "OMG, Can We Congress: Carte Goodwin of West Virginia is America’s New Hottest Senator"

  1. Are you seriously saying either of them is hotter than Scott Brown?!

  2. I would spit fuck him, then let him blow me.

  3. WHAT?? This guys looks like a nuetered dog on a hot day..

  4. He is, without a doubt, a “CUTIE”!

  5. You’d have better chance with Aaron, as he IS gay afterall.

  6. Clarklane’s self-loathing Republican ass has returned. I could’ve predicted it before he left the message. He’s always preceded by the stench of human decay, sulfur, and brimstone.
    Goodwin’s hotter than Schock for numerous reasons, among them–unlike most Republicans–he was not born with a silver spoon up his butt and a strong sense of entitlement.
    By the way, Clarklane, don’t you have a meeting with Exodus International you should be at? The hypocrite parade is nothing without you…

  7. Until we see him in the same state of undress as Aaron Schock, I’m reserving judgment.

  8. When and who and where was this TMZ photo taken…is that really him….yummy!

  9. Really, troll on the bottom?

  10. Such a clever post header…can we Congress.

  11. Ha! You think this guy outdoes Aaron Schock? Hardly!!! I’ll take Aaron any day over this -especially since he’s a sleazy democrat lawyer.

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