!! OMG, channeling Britney: Shower boy !!

After the last round of tribute dance routines to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies,” I was wondering where the medium could really go, but this young lad answers the question: It can go into the shower, it can have special lo-fi lightning effects, and it can have a very special cameo appearance in the last ten seconds that will make you pee yourself. And it has a new soundtrack: “Circus” by Britney Spears. (via Dlisted)

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11 Comments on "OMG, channeling Britney: Shower boy"

  1. cool moves and cool mom. lol

  2. OMG That’s awesome. All Moms should be as proud and supportive of their weird kids. If my mom caught me doing that at his age, she would have handed me a severe beating (then a towl).

  3. ok Son = Hotness!!!!
    Mother = F…ing funny!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yup. The last few seconds KILLED me.

  5. OMG his MOM! That is friggin ridiculous!

  6. He was actually very good-but his Mom will never be able to show her face at the mall again.

  7. AMAZING!!!!!!! I love his mother at the end. So proud!

  8. Son: Omg that was so hot.
    Mom: Okay, enough with the sexydance…dry off for dinner.

  9. OMG lol…i laughed so hard when his friggin MOM walked in. Seriously !?!?! Thats awesome.

  10. bless his heart, he plugged up the shower

  11. LOL, his mom looks disgusted at the end.

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