!! OMG, CHEW have to laugh: ‘Chewie Here, Chewbacca There’ !!

Chewbacca is my kind of guy; big, hairy, really good at fixing things and cuddly by nature, so every time I hear that “cccrrrrroooooaaaauuuuuwwww” noise, I melt inside, and stiffen on the outside at the thought of hopping on the CHEW-CHEW TRAIN and riding that hairy ass all night long until we make Chewie babies.
This video is basically Chew-porn, Chew-gasms with pictures of fluffy animals and household apparatus on top, it’s hitting all my domestique sci-fantasy pleasure centres.
Chewie is that CHU…won’t you come in here and fix that Chewie tap and that cupboard door is Chewing too…wont Chew fix that for me…THANK CHEW!
[via laughingsquid]

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