!! OMG, chin WANGing: Vogue Voices with Alexander Wang !!

Vogue Voices is a new series that delves into the stories, business ideas and aspirations of fashion designers.
First up is New York based Alexander Wang, who we featured in conversation with NYC rapper A$AP Rocky just last weekypoo.
Wang spoke to vogue of this very importance of music and musicians in his work, having recently explored the concept of a musical encore style runway show. He also discussed the importance of “elevating the everyday”, most exemplified by his T offshoot line which looks to make his brand more inclusive and affordable in order that he made derive the most joy from his work; seeing it on women, not just on the showroom floor.
Since Anna Wintour took the helm at American Vogue, I believe the magazine has lost a lot of the slower-paced sumptuousness which it once held, in favour of more gaudy advertisements, more pages with less information and romanticism between it’s covers; reading sometimes more like Heat Magazine than the larger glossier spreads of magazine like -say- Purple or W.
So it’s nice to see that they’ve taken a good few minutes of relatively candid and unedited video of Wang speaking of the importance of organic fluidity in the creative process, oh, and looking back on the one embarrassing aspect of his very first RTW collection…oops!
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