!! OMG, Chris Mears’ Ass Olympix: GT’s Naked Issue !!

Honestly, I barely noticed mention of this guy in amongst the Tom Daley Olympic din, and every time I went to GOOGLY-GOGGLE at him, I would inadvertently end up finding him in the back of Tom’s pictures.

But Chris Mears is Loud and PROUD an…Tom, stop interrupting. Go make a splash somewhere else!
Well there’s one way to draw focus and that’s to show us yer bum, so click below to see just that, plus a bonus photo of one of four other cover stars for Gay Times’ annual NSFW Naked Issue.

Click on the pics to make them big:
[Thanks to CB!]

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13 Comments on "OMG, Chris Mears’ Ass Olympix: GT’s Naked Issue"

  1. Great body, great face and nice feet.

  2. Either Chris is escorting under the name Daniel or someone has stolen his photos:

  3. I remember confusing him with Tom and then realizing this guy is way hotter and then found out he came out of the closet and was even more of a score then he poses naked for this and now hes overshadowing Daley so yeah its all about Mears when they go to Rio IMO … if he keeps it up I believe he will surpass Daley in diving.. used to love Daley but hes outlived his cuteness!

  4. Where are the pics of the other guys?

  5. He’s so hot and lovely at the same time! 😀

  6. Tom who? OMG! This boy is seriously hot as hell & not even 20 yet! I appreciate them doing naked issues(would they ever do that in the US?) but I wish they would get bolder & actually show cock! They always show ass,some pubes & do any of them even have cocks? He says he’s met many a gay friends thru Tom Daley. What is he implying? Tom,come out & Chris,join him now! These boys are way 2 hot 2 be straight!!! 🙂

  7. Love it how he’s waxed/shaved his torso and bum and left the rest totally hairy.

  8. I remember Chris Mears from the Olympics last year, although he was usually overshadowed by his British teammate Tom Daley. Didn’t expect him to pose naked! He’s being quite bold here, isn’t he?

  9. nice. I like the scar. It works with the washboard stomach. He’s got stories to tell.


  11. Well hell I can see that kind of crap all over the television these days, you gonna play coy around with it show some dick, or is there even any dick there to show.

  12. Holy fuck! This guy is hot!

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