!! OMG, coming soon: Erykah Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ sequel !!

Your intrepid omgblog team is still smarting from an ill-fated trip to see Erykah Badu perform in Detroit a month ago. Long story short, we were jamming along with opening act N.E.R.D.’s dashiki-clad back-up dancers when a massive f*cking thunderstorm rolled in and wrecked the sound system. So while we wait for the August 12 make-up date, we can take solace in the news that Ms. Badu has shot a sequel to her thought-provoking ‘Window Seat’ video.
Miami rapper Rick Ross recently told MTV that the ‘Window Seat (Remix)’ video picks up right where the first ‘Window Seat’ vid left off — with Erykah reborn following an assassination attempt in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. That’s when Ross arrives and takes her on another (all nude?) adventure:

“I had to come get the queen, they had her boxed up. It was only right. I was swerving through Dallas in that Porsche Panorama turbo. I had to slide up on her, scoop her up. We got back to business. We went on another caper.”

The clip will apparently act as a bridge to the video for “You Can’t Turn Me Away (Get Munny)”, the second single off her New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh album. Ross also revealed to MTV that Badu will direct the video for his song “Maybach Music 3”, on which she also sings. Listen to MTV’s interview with Ross above and hear “Maybach Music 3” via Hype Machine.

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