!! OMG, “Cover girls, put the beard in your walk…”: FAB’s ‘BEARD’ cover shoot !!

OMG, “Cover girls, put the beard in your walk…head to chin, let your whole body walk” FAB’s ‘BEARD’ cover shoot [towleroad]
GAYber: Victor Garber takes a leaf from Jodie Foster’s call cards [dlisted]
“I’m…Single, Just Kidding, But Seriously, I Am…”: Jodie Foster inspires new -kind of, not really- coming out videos [queerty]
Its a Boy!: Elton and David’s new surrogate kiddie-wink [celebitchy]
Nick Welscher for Bello Mag [ohlala]
10 Reasons to Keep on Loving Adele [celebcafe]
Watch Leo Leoson ‘The Contemporary Dancer’ [arjan]
Listen to Tegan and Sara’s ‘I Was A Fool’ [popbytes]
“DON’T SKIRT THE ISSUE. SPEAK UP, SUPPORT WOMEN.” Indian men support women’s rights to dress as women [jezebel]
Cat Vs Tiger [plastic garbage receptacle] [socialitelife]
Eric Decker’s peckers [kenneth]
Why EvilBeet is beating off over Anna Kendrick
Pumkins & bunnies and all things seasonude: Preview of Glee’s ‘Naked’ Episode [afterelton]
Hough-nough. Julianne Hough literally ‘busted’ a move right out of her dress [amygrindhouse]
Rhode Island HB-5015: watch from 1.49 for the cutest and smartest speech in favour of same-sex matrimony [joemygod]
‘Me, Myself and I’: extended trailer for Beyoncé’s HBO doc [tabloidprodigy]
Ryan Gosling will knit you “an oddly shaped, off-putting scarf” for your birthday [theblemish]
Get read!: NFL lip-read [doubleviking]

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