!! OMG, Designer Double Denim: ‘A Kind of Guise’, ’90 !!

Prestressed-appliqué denim is the second scariest thing to ever happen to legs [Ugg-Croggs being number 1]…probably.
However, this is a really beautiful project by German label ‘A Kind of Guise’.
They made denim washing-liquid-summer-slides on a hillside in Italy, but I guess the denim was a tad chafey for a foamy water slide so they cut it up and made these bespoke shirts from the lengths of denim.
The one-off shirts sunbathe for 90 days and look a dump-load better than that denim pocket flap bejizzled over-appliquéd diamante preworn vom ass-mess that Britney and Justin used to wear.
[via selectism]

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