!! OMG, coverboy: Ben Cohen on Gay Times !!

Is it wrong to lust after a man who is obviously straight and fighting the good fight to end bullying and homophobia? Like, should I keep my gutter brain out of Ben Cohen‘s…vicinity so as to respect his noble intentions? HE’S JUST SO FRIGGIN’ YUMMY that I find that to be quite difficult. I’m sorry.
(via World of Wonder)

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6 Comments on "OMG, coverboy: Ben Cohen on Gay Times"

  1. Ben has just earned himself complimentary BJs for life – love you big guy

  2. Nothing wrong with lusting. Just don’t stick your hand down his pants if you ever meet him. He’s been taking at least his shirt off to show off his furry chest for years; publishes calendars of just pictures of himself. If a bloke likes to be looked at (from afar) then there’s nothing at all wrong with looking. The fact that he’s trying to do something positive with his fame as far as bullying and homophobia only makes it easier to appreciate him as more than just his fit body.

  3. You’re right Lyes, I’m sure his support of gay causes totally makes him more popular in the notoriously homo-lovin’ world of sports. Think before you type, you silky twat.

  4. wow. this guy is using the gay cause to remain under the spotlight.. hell-o?? and you are all buying this????? wow….

  5. wish he would do something… his need for mediatic attention is gettin’ ridiculous. he’s using gays to stay under the spotlight. and you’re not even able to figure it out.

  6. tasteslikeass | June 27, 2011 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    I wish I was his clothes. He’s that hot.

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