!! OMG, what a crazy grub: Aussie Pedophile !!

Yes he’s bad and he’s wrong of course, but I like when he does the little jig around the 3:00 mark. Who wants to bet we see his sock-short combo on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways.

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3 Comments on "OMG, what a crazy grub: Aussie Pedophile"

  1. This was awesome. That guy is a total freak, he belongs in the Big Brother house. Australian journalists are so ballsy and in-your-face about stuff; I love it.

  2. The reporter looked more pervy that the old man,like maybe he was bummed he wasnt there.
    Then he proceeded to follow the pervert into the woods.

  3. it’s been proven these fucks can’t be rehabilitated, and this guy will probably re-offend, he’s writing books about how to molest kids.. PUT HIM THE FUCK TO SLEEP FOREVER!! An animal bites one kid and gets put down, why not this sick piece of shit??

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