!! OMG, Deze Nutz: Levi Johnston !!

It seems only a matter of time before hunky Alaskan Levi Johnston gets his own reality show and I for one cannot wait. America’s most shameless political DILF has been working his fifteen minutes of microfame since knocking up #1 teen mommy Bristol Palin: so far he has appeared on Tyra Banks, “written” an article for Vanity Fair, and taunted OMG readers with empty promises of nude peen photos. Now he’s appearing in a completely nonsensical ad for PISTACHIOS. I don’t understand this ad at all, but the almost-second-son-in-law does look completely great!
Still, I will not be satisfied until the Unzipped shoot is in the can.
(Via The Awl.)

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  1. Well thats dirty in a fun way. He’s “busting a nut” with protection.

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