!! OMG, did he witness the biggest peen in history? Louis C.K. !!

Having never personally stripped and showered in a room full of my fellow students (I avoided gym like the plague), I can’t verify the truthiness of Louis C.K.’s assertion about teenage peen — but it sounds impressive. Very impressive.

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7 Comments on "OMG, did he witness the biggest peen in history? Louis C.K."

  1. Dave, i wish you put up a link about that joke that louis ck did, ive pretty much seen ALOT of his standup and i never heard that joke..
    if anything he likes the gays and has said some pretty good stuff in the gays defense…the poker scene in his show Louie (first season) is a great example..

  2. Louis C.K. is not a homophobe – he may have told some bad jokes, but all comedians do that, and sometimes they are REALLY, REALLY bad and wrong. he’s actually a huge defender of gay rights and equality. When Traci Morgan told that offensive joke about killing his son if he were gay, Louis C.K. spoke up and said that Traci should have used that mistake to turn around and discuss gender roles and the root of homophobia.

  3. Dave: That’s horrible, I’m so sorry.

  4. I love Louis C.K., hilariously real. Considering all the work I’ve seen of his, I honestly doubt he’s a homophobe like “Dave” thinks. I can’t recall the joke he mentioned, but knowing Louis’s work, I know that joke wouldn’t be so simple as “he was gay, and that disgusted me so much…”. If negative about a person, Ck’s jokes tend to come from the individuals attitude/ actions, not something petty or generalizes like their sexual preference, religion, etc.

  5. Sorry you are sick. I now feel compelled to post about every comedian I will not pay to see, product I will not buy and consumer choice I make. The world must know!

  6. Comedians can’t be PC, if they would be they wouldn’t be funny. Joking about something doesn’t mean it represents their actual beliefs.
    I for one love my humour harsh.

  7. This guy is such a homophobe. I watched one of his stand up specials, and he was so disgustinly mean describing some gay man that he encountered while skiing. He said that the guy disgusted him so much that he wished he would ski into an AIDS tree. I have HIV, and I was mortified at this. I used to be a fan until I saw that performance. This guy is a sicko, and I would never spend money to see him doing stand up again.

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