!! OMG, DiP IT LOW: Diplo’s dick show !!

I have such a scary crush on cheeky lad-man Diplo: I’ve been slipping him roofies at all his gigs in the hope that he’ll pass out in my arms and then I can rag him into the washroom and have him give me SOFTSERVE SEXUALS, even if I have to thumb-wedge it in there myself.

Well turns out Diplo was already in the washroom stall and upon pooping out another mighty fine twerk-worthy track took to snapping his member and posting it on instagranny only to then freak the hell out and destroy it [the photo, not the member].

Check out Dippy’s dicky a la PISSY TOILET BOWL after the jump.

[via justadream]

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11 Comments on "OMG, DiP IT LOW: Diplo’s dick show"

  1. good call diplos dick for sure aaaaahhhhhyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. diplo is the best dj ever plus I see him naked on pics

  3. HG
    It’s so simple…..don’t read the blog if you don’t like it so much. Problem solved!

  4. Duh,
    Yeah, it’s pretty sad that these are the only posts I find interesting on here. I don’t feel compelled to leave comments on crap music videos or the like.

  5. Ty, I’ve been reading OMGBlog since 2006. It’s seen many writers since. I’m going to wait this one out and hope it goes back to being the OMGBlog I remember.
    And I’m tired of the “gay men like you” comments. Drama queens like you are the reason I dislike drama. Now flounce, flounce away and take your boa with you.
    I’m allowed to offer relevant criticism. I think it’s pretty bad logic to suggest anyone who criticizes a blog, book, movie, TV show, painting, etc go make one of their own.

  6. funny how the largest quantity of comments complaining about the writing show up in the posts of dick pics. “i just read it for the articles.”

  7. Stop bitching, carry your asses, and don’t come back! Is that simple enough for you?! It’s a rarity that i come here and see any constructive or positive comments. Why not start your own blog and that way things will be just the way you want them to be. Gay men like you is the reason why i rarely hang with other gay men.

  8. Done with this | July 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    Yeah I agree with daveliam, and HG. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the site after this. I know I’m only one person and won’t be missed, but I just can’t keep reading these articles. Ill Miss Shannon small penis comments more than the articles

  9. No, daveliam. Swarms of us have commented these articles are unreadable but it’s always defended as someone’s journalistic style… even though I think most writing, whatever the style, should be accessible.
    Side note: If I’m supposed to gawk at someone’s thing, I don’t want to hear about him pooping out something just a line or two before.


  11. Am I the only one that can’t make any sense of the writing in most of these “candy” posts. What the hell does most of that even mean?
    Oh well, at least the pics are nice to look at.

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