!! OMG, dog treats: Shanghai’s Pet Zoo Mega Store !!

Puppy-papped by Photographer Jonathan Browningz, Shanghai’s Pet Zoo Mega Store is what dogy dreams are made of…with a 5 star hotel, grooming parlors, hair care centres and a natural mud massage and jacuzzi spa on offer your stick fetching friend will get so dam spoiled it will never fetch a dirty regular park branch ever again…it wouldn’t be seen dead doing such a common demonstrative activity.
With hair color options named ‘Ash Wednesday’, ‘Fire Cracker’ and ‘Amber Rose’ [not really, just a guess] your dog can feel like sHe is coming out feeling like Scott Donlan and Stefan Vanderhoof’s Shih Tzu Miss Agnes in Best in Show, all over-shampoopoo’d and kimono-bows !
But watch out, send your yapper here and she might get so used to it she’ll be growing an attitude with those beautifully sculpted nails of hers, take Little Miss Special-Puff above, that look on her face; she is basically bark-screaming at that other dog:

“Bitch don’t even bother, you know I’m more poofy and well behaved than you. Well a girl’s gotta try…fruitlessly, but she’ll learn…maybe”

Follow the jump to see where dogies die and go to heaven [which for dogs apparently is only on the open-plan third floor]

[via nowness]

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