!! OMG, doing it justice: Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ !!

Instead of watching the Jennifer Hudson’s Grammys tribute last night, I went to a dinner party with a bunch of gays, where, naturally, the subject of Whitney Houston‘s sudden passing came up right away. One guest reminded us all that these things tend to come in threes… which means if Etta James was first, and Whitney second, there’s still a big star left to lose.
Aaaand there’s your happy thought for the day.

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4 Comments on "OMG, doing it justice: Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I Will Always Love You’"

  1. The version done by Amber Riley on Glee was 10 times better than Jennifer Hudson’s.

  2. Clearly all your friends are white, Don Cornellious just died.

  3. They should have just played Whitney’s version on a video… or Hudson should have toned it down. That version was… jarring.

  4. Don Cornelius also passed.. the Creator of Soul Train

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