!! OMG, Dolly Parton sings at 78 speed !!

Watch Dolly Parton perform a gorgeous four-part vocal acoustic version of her song “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” (one of my favorites) and then do it again Alvin & the Chipmunks style. Her guitar picking is awesome! If you know where this clip is from, please leave it in comments.

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7 Comments on "OMG, Dolly Parton sings at 78 speed"

  1. Definitely from DOLLY, Dolly’s variety show that aired in the 1970’s (not to be confused with her variety show that aired in the 1980’s, which was also named DOLLY)!

  2. Judging by the hairstyle I would say it is from a clip from the Porter Wagner show in the 1960’s. Parton was a regular and recorded duets with Porter in her early career. The song “I will always love you” was written for Porter W as a good bye when Parton decided to leave the show for a solo career.

  3. It is from her variety show, but not the 80’s one. this is from the one in the late 70s. This particular performance is on the DVD set that was released not too long ago. The show is hit or miss, depending on the guest but Dolly is awesome throughout.

  4. This video clip is from her TV Show that she had during the 80’s called the Dolly Show !! Isin’t she Wonderful, as well as very talented ?

  5. How can anyone NOT love her???? Awesome!

  6. Genius.

  7. I think this is from hery weekly variety show.
    Search “Dolly Show” and you can see some choice clips.

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