!! OMG gossip: Kelly Clarkson wins !!

Favorite celebrity Halloween costume: Kelly Clarkson as Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy [bwe]
Maine readers please volunteer tomorrow to make sure same-sex marriage remains legal in the state [joe]
Eric Bana wants “one big nude day” [popeater]
OMG will be a papercut be the end of Bella in Twilight: New Moon? [betty]
Precious has arrived in Hollywood, and the Oscar buzz has already started [socialite life]
Blogger Eliot Glazer tattooed Bea Arthur on his arm [urlesque]
OMG fashion=death [jezebel]
Monsterpiece Theatre takes us to the mysterious town of Twin Beaks [bad day]
Man photographed naked standing on a building ledge after fleeing his lover’s angry husband [tabloid prodigy]
What did Elton John eat that made him so sick? [l.a. rag mag]
Unbelievable anti-transgender ads are airing in Kalamazoo, Michigan [towleroad]
OMG vampires in Los Angeles! [oh la la]
Mel Gibson is spreading his seed some more [dlisted]
Jessica Simpson calls Melrose Place “crap” [litely salted]
OMG delicious Thanksgiving burger [kenneth]
OMG the largest gathering of people in gorilla suits [uncoached]

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