!! OMG, Donna Summer winners !!

Wow, you all really have worked hard for the money! After sifting through all the entries for the !! omg blog !! Donna Summer giveaway, we were able to determine a winner and five fabulous runners-up.
View the winning entries after the jump!

The question was: What is the most memorable time you have worked hard for the money?
First the responses from our runners-up, who will each receive a free copy of Donna Summer’s new “Crayons” album…

While working at a restaurant as a host I helped a handicapped, blind man use the washroom. I guided him to the bathroom, showed him the handicapped urinal, pulled his pants down, and let him do his business. Then pulled his pants up again, washed and dried his hands, and guided him back out. His wife thanked me sooooo much…alas without tip and without Donna Summer tickets 🙂


So I think the time that I had to work the hardest for my money, would be back when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was always singing, or dancing, and my ever so wonderful mother thought that for a great laugh, she would dress me up like a country “STAR” Tanya Tucker and make me sing and dance. Well it started off fine enough, but then my mother decided to start pimping her already confused young boy into talent shows and showing me to all of her friends. All in the name of free prizes! Needless to say, i’m still scarred by this horrid event, but I thought if my mother was able to cash in on my tragedy, then I sure as hell can try to win a little somethin’ somethin’


I worked as a cashier in a department store named Alexander’s, in the records department (in 1980) – we could only play albums that were open – luckily, one of them was Donna Summer’s album On The Radio – so I played it over and over and over and over and over and over … It made the time fly by, and they always knew when I was working!


working on a bird dog farm shoveling frozen dog shit in the winter which is OK (no smell) but in hundred degree heat it really sucks and then hauling in wheel barrows to a 10 foot mound that is ready to explode. that was the most bad memorable job that i worked hard for the money.


it would probably be when i was working at a place for 2 months with a ruptured appendix. i didn’t know it had ruptured until the day i went in for surgery to have it removed as i only had pain for a few days. i was so upset to have to leave and be out of work for 2 days as i have a shopping addiction and needed my money LOL. then the doctor screwed up and my incision got infected and i was out of work for 3 months but i would go to my job and try to work but my fellow employees wouldn’t allow me to. then there was also the time when i was working 2 jobs at once in a mall, i would have to get off one job and run down the escalator to my next job or vice versa. sometimes i would forget which store i was working at in the morning and which one at night and they;d be like no ur not supposed to be here til later. that was a comfusing few months but worth the money.

And the winner of the free pair of Donna Summer tickets is…
Darrell! Here is the winning entry:

I’d have to say, as a clerk at Steves Bathhouse in Reno when several members of the cast/dance team from “Thunder Down Under” checked into the club, was I ever hard, working through the night, for my money….. Awesome and outgoing guys. Down to earth and fun, Yet, even better looking live and in person….in the showers!!

Thanks to everyone who sent in entries, and keep checking the blog every day as there are some great new contests coming soon!

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  1. kevifabulous | July 18, 2008 at 10:29 am | Reply

    who the f*ck wants Donna Summer tickets? Her new album is horrible, just horrible.

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