!! OMG, don’t bat too hard: Eyelash Animals !!

eye;ash--Baby Farm Animal.jpeg
Here’s a way to get the school janitor to stop looking at your nips; an array of farmyard/zoo/underwater animals huddled around your peepers.
Natalie Russo has a whole slew of facial herd options:
Baby Farm or Zoo Animal Eyelash Jewelry
Pastel Unicorn Eyelash Jewelry
Fish in the Sea [with real seashells and faux pearls] Eyelash Jewelry
Peace and Love Panda Eyelash Jewelry
Why not lash on a pair of TRUSTY STEEDS whilst cleaning the stables; who said shit-shoveling farm girls can’t be fierce ?!

eye;ash--Baby Zoo Animal.jpg
eye;ash--Bubble Bath Eyelash Jewelry.jpg
eye;ash--Fish in the Sea Eyelash Jewelry - false eyelashes with real seashells and faux pearls.jpg
eye;ash--Pastel Unicorn.jpg
eye;ash--Peace Love and Pandas.jpg
[via fashionista]

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