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Hey girlfriends! I’m back! Just till Friday, so don’t get too angry. Frank had to go away this week and so here I am again!
So it was the Oscars last night, and they played a montage with Hollywood ladies of yore. There was footage of Bette Davis wearing an amazing cap and I thought “Damn, why the hell are all these hookers so boring these days? Those ladies had balls back then.” Other than Tilda Swinton in her somewhat daring velvet dress nobody really stood out this year…but the flashbacks to Cher, Bjork, Bette Davis, even Barbara Streisand were so much fun.
Anyway, there was a good amount of Can-Con (Canadian Content) at the Academy Awards including Sarah Polley’s “Away From Her”, David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises”, Jason Reitman and Ellen Page for “Juno”, and Josh Raskin’s “I Met the Walrus”. None of them won, but you can learn more about Josh’s short HERE.
But three nominees for best song were from Enchanted? Come on…thank God none of them won.

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4 Comments on "OMG don’t get mad"

  1. Welcome back!
    I don’t hate you. haha

  2. Welcome back Graydon!!! I like to think I speak for everyone with taste when I say that we’re thrilled that you’re back! 🙂

  3. That was the year Ms. Davis had shaved her head to wear all the wigs required for her role as Elizabeth I (I think that was the movie anyway)
    Last night was truly a snoozefest.Give the hosting job to Robin Williams….and sit back and wait for him to go off on everyone.

  4. It’s funny how all the outfits that the pundits either hate (ie. Bjork’s swan dress) or deem outlandish are the ones everyone proceeds to talk about for years after, while the supposedly best dressed ladies are virtually forgotten. All the fashion experts should just admit they have boring taste in clothes.

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