!! OMG, a contest: Ruggerbugger !!

First of all I want to announce that guestblogger Graydon did such a fantastic job while I was away last month that he’s coming back for one more week starting today!
But let me give you a sweet farewell: you all probably thought I was never going to give away those memberships I won from the Gay Bloggies. I’m happy to tell you I just received them last week and after today’s contest, one of them will belong to one of you!
First up is a membership to Ruggerbugger.com [porn link, NSFW], which is your main HQ for anything related to athletes in the buff, falling out of their shorts, bulging in their uniforms, etc.
Now here is the challenge: How many real nude photos of David Beckham exist on the Internet?
The first person to post the correct answer in comments wins a one-year membership to Ruggerbugger.com! Since I’ll be away, it might be a few days before I announce the winner, but don’t worry: the order of your comments will be preserved. Good luck!

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130 Comments on "OMG, a contest: Ruggerbugger"

  1. ive only seen 3

  2. There is one it is him in a jacuzi
    There is also one thats supposed to be from a UK mag but i don’t think it’s confirmed as real

  3. !!!there are 2 photos for sure!!!!!=]

  4. There are two real photos

  5. There are two!

  6. Frank, why don’t you keep the subscriptions and have a section of your blog dedicated only to the porn from those subscriptions?

  7. i think it’s 6

  8. it’s three

  9. I’m going with none

  10. I think 1

  11. I’d say there are three: two from those sunglasses ads (one standing awkwardly, the other one on a chair), and the third one in a jacuzzi after winning the cup.

  12. I am gonna say one, the one with his arms spread out, uncut…

  13. I would say 1, well im not actually sure if its real

  14. i would say 9 nude photoes of david beckham. there are 2 that are full frontal. 1 is in the hottub. and few otehrs that are posed shots

  15. is just one, an artistic nude pic, and it’s not a frontal pic…

  16. 3…i think.

  17. 2
    and youve had both on this site

  18. I’m going to say that there aren’t any. Zero.

  19. I’m going to go with 16!

  20. Two. one, rear; and one frontal.

  21. i say two.

  22. How many?
    (yes that’s my official answer)

  23. he has one

  24. I say one. The only one ive seen is of him in a hot tub with a bunch of his teammates after a match. cant really see much but the outline.

  25. 6!
    I don’t know

  26. I’m gonna say 5. There’s the side butt where he’s squatting, the crusified pic, and various vacation shots.

  27. All my guessed have been posted already so….Four?
    p.s. he’s still nude if you can’t see the goods in some of those promo shots

  28. two, but neither of them has the package.

  29. I’m pretty sure he has zero. There was one ad of him naked with this brown backdrop, but that was mainly accepted as a fake.

  30. When you say nude do you mean only full frontal or profile ( no genitals), or butt shots or anything else that doesn’t consist of showing off his genitalia? I’ve seen several full frontal shots that have in time proven to be fake. There are many artistic and commercial nude shots that show butt but no genitalia. I hava a few of him on a massage table with his butt partially bared.

  31. My guess is 4.

  32. i think it’s 2 pictures. although i wish there were more. LOL

  33. the answer is ZERO!!

  34. I going to say 3

  35. zero thus far. why do have any

  36. There is a picture of him naked, squatting in profile, but you can only see side butt. None of the good stuff.

  37. There’s one, from the W magazine spread that they altered for the American publication. There’s a split view image of the Euro and American, one with his bare ass the other with underwear.

  38. Zero, Nada, zip, none!

  39. Well, I’ll go out on a limb and say two.

  40. there are zero real ones

  41. there is no real photos of david beckham on the internet there is photos of him in underwear that is it

  42. I’m going to go with zero. At least the ones I’ve checked out all seem to be (sadly) fake. Maybe I just need to spend more time looking? 😀

  43. The answer is definetly zero

  44. NONE

  45. There are “0” real David Beckham nude photos on the web!

  46. None…zero…nada

  47. there are no real nude pics of beckham on the internet..they are all fakes…trick question!

  48. none (countless fakes)

  49. there are no “real” nude picks of david becham. There is believed to be one nude pic, however david has never responded to let the public no in fact if this is real or not.

  50. one! he did a nude shoot for charity.

  51. hmm i’m guessing 5

  52. Further research (mind you I’m at work, and not at home, where my collection lays!!) I have come up with a corrected answer. One photo exists. I misunderstood, and there is ONE photo! He is nude, completely, just not showing his goods. 🙂 Almost though (side view)

  53. i think its 1

  54. None!

  55. 0, there are zero real pictures of him nude circulating the internet

  56. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes nude (underwear/sheet) but I’ll say zero.

  57. A big fat zero.

  58. there are no “real” photos of david becuase he has never officialy said if they were real. There is one picture that is believed to be real, however no comment from the bechams.

  59. There are NO real nude pictures of David Beckham

  60. Zero!

  61. How about a total guess at 8 photos.

  62. I’m gonna say, sadly, zero.

  63. None, at least, I hope there aren’t any, because if there are I’m going to need some hand lotion and about 10 minutes.

  64. THe answer is ZERO!!! There aren’t any real photos of him naked but there is one fake one.

  65. danny the tranny | February 25, 2008 at 10:33 am | Reply

    11. None showing the wiener.

  66. I’m going to say that there are two nude photos. There’s the ad for Police Sunglasses and there’s the one where’ he’s bent over at the waist in a sort of speed skating pose. However, neither show his peen. That’s my guess.
    ps. Thanks for the challenge. Any reason to look at half-naked pics of David Beckham is a good reason.

  67. 2 photos

  68. Wait! I change my answer to one.

  69. there are no nude pics of him – at least no real ones

  70. I’m gonna have to say 1.

  71. there is only 3

  72. I have never seen one, but I am going to guess 1.

  73. I think there are 0.

  74. one real one. lotsa shopped ones.

  75. zero

  76. “Nude” isn’t necessarily showing the goods, right? I’ll say two, assuming these are both real:

  77. My guess is zero…

  78. As far as i know, there are NO *real* naked pics of the awesomely hot David Beckham

  79. I’ve seen one or two, but I don’t think any are real…so I’m going to say none and hope that I win on a technicality.

  80. As in frontal nudity I am going with Zero.

  81. There is only 1.

  82. I’m going to say one. The one where he’s bent over. You can’t see anything but all the others look fake to me.

  83. does this include ‘posterior’ pics?
    if no, then there are NO real nudes!

  84. I’m going out on a limb and saying 0 (none), although I’d really like to imagine some of those I’ve seen are really him! =)

  85. I’m going to say one.

  86. Zero…..there is one where he is standing with his legs crossed, but that is fake

  87. There aren’t any completely nude photos of him on the internet. Some ass shots but there aren’t any completely nude shots

  88. I’m thinking 4 (most of them you can’t see much, though).

  89. Depends if we are talking fully naked showing the goods or just visibly without clothes, I would think. But I will say one fully nude (showing his penis) and at least one other (his visibly naked but not showing anything over pg-13 rating). I am sure I am wrong but had to try.

  90. I believe it’s zero.
    The ones that were thought to be real were really fake after MUCH speculation.

  91. No “real” NUDE photos of David exist…

  92. Well this is tricky.
    He has that one where he IS completley nude (but turned to the side so you can’t see anything. lol).
    Then there is that one where his arms are stretched but I think that was never determined to be real or not, so I don’t know how this can be answered!
    But I’ll say ONE

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