!! OMG, Don’t get too Carried away: There’s a new Sex and the City preview !!

The Sex and the City movie was everything the show wasn’t: heartless, irrelevant, and super-depressing.
Judging from the new preview that’s out today, the sequel looks like all that on a camel. There’s not one moment of this preview that makes the new movie look remotely worthwhile.
So of course I’ll be there on opening night wearing my CARRIE nameplate necklace and a giant paper flower in my hair!
Let’s get ready to get Carried away!
(Okay, maybe I’m slightly excited for Aidan. Sorry! Attraction isn’t always rational!)

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13 Comments on "OMG, Don’t get too Carried away: There’s a new Sex and the City preview"

  1. I liked the show enough. The show itself I thought was heartless. It just had no soul. The film should have had the title, Sex and the city: The disappointment. Here’s hoping part 2 will be at least alright.

  2. I was always a fan of the TV show, and I have my own copy of the movie, which I adored. Personally, I’m looking forward to Sex and the City II, and unlike some, I won’t judge it until after I’ve seen it.

  3. The girls are getting older and showing that there is still fire in the furnace. Sex and the City gives me inspiration to dress, and feel sexy and enjoy being a WOMAN!

  4. I saw the last one 3 times AND bought the video, no telling how many times I will see this one. I loved the series and cancelled HBO once it ended.

  5. I absolutely loved the series, but I have to say, the first movie was one of the WORST movies I have ever seen. It was long, dreary, depressing, and nothing more than a way to drop the names of umpteen different designers. This movie looks like a total train wreck, and I will not waste money a second time!

  6. Enough of the kiddie crap! I watched SATC because it was one of the few (fun) shows about women that didn’t center around kids. Charlotte’s and Miranda’s kids are enough. Don’t you think that Carrie and Big are a little long in the tooth to even be considering it? WTF?
    And, throwing Stanford together with Anthony in the last movie was dumb as hell…they go together like paté and beef jerky!

  7. Loved the series. The movie was GOOD. But this second movie looks boring. Kids?? Camels??? NOOOOO

  8. “The Sex and the City movie was everything the show wasn’t: heartless, irrelevant, and super-depressing.”
    YES! You totally nailed it. And yet after it was over, I said that I’d probably watch the next one. Hating myself for it, but knowing it was true. But I’m keeping an ice pick around so I can stab myself in the eye, if it comes down to a choice between that and watching them put on another fashion show.

  9. Loved the series, loved the first movie, had to watch it more than once to truly love it. Can’t wait for this one. And can’t wait to see it more than once to love it too! I watch the first movie over and over on HBO.

  10. I love Aiden too! I would LOVE it if Carrie ended up with Aiden. I know she’ll stay with Big, but man, what a twist ending that would be!

  11. I can’t wait for this movie….I love EVERYTHING that involves Sex and the City!!! Bring on the fashion!!!!

  12. can’t wait, I’m always worried about sequels but this looks pretty solid for those of us who actually CARE about this series. and Carrie runs into Aiden!?!? he really looked good, this will be fun!

  13. The show was brilliant, and the first movie was a great gift to the fans, I thought. Perhaps it was a little long and dramatic, but after four years, I loved it and thought it was ultimately a pretty strong movie for following such a successful TV show. The trailer has me very excited for the sequel, and I hope they can live up to the first one.

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