!! OMG, He’s Naked: Bug Hall !!

Oh, that little rascal! No, really, a Little Rascal! Bug Hall played Alfalfa in The Little Rascals move, which I did not see, and now, according to a tipster, he’s all grown up, pierced, shorn and tattooed, and putting his extremely nude pictures all over a very skanky, NSFW personals site called XPeeps.
The pictures are after the jump. Unfortunately, I don’t really recognize Bug without his famous cowlick, so I’ll need some readers to verify that this is really him. His Xpeeps profile is here, but you can’t access most of his pictures unless you sign up, which I’m not about to do.
Check out the very NSFW pictures after the jump and let me know what you think. By the way, Bug seems to have a tattooed scrotum, if that’s something you’ve been dying to see.
[Thanks to reader Jon M. for the tip]


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29 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Bug Hall"

  1. hes hot

  2. his tats are all real..his tattoo artist just wasn’t that great..yay fun naked bug

  3. Hot damn!! I want some of him…wait I want all of him!

  4. Daddy in Minneapolis, Minnesota | August 14, 2010 at 7:10 pm | Reply

    Nice cock…wish I had some…

  5. His nickname is fun-naked bug… I’m surprised there haven’t been more of these on the web..I have boxes full haha

  6. I'm a Male Bug Fan | May 23, 2010 at 5:38 am | Reply

    Damn, he is sooooo HOT!!! wish I had some…

  7. Omg indeed!! I loved him in the Little Rascals and I definately love him now. He’s hairy, hung, pierced, and super-hot!! I want some of him. And circumsized or not, I like all dicks; I don’t discriminate!!

  8. Yes, every thread on this blog does have to turn into a fucking fight about circumcision.
    Circumcision = mutilation. Get over it bitchez.

  9. does every thread on this blog have to turn into a fucking fight about circumcision?

  10. Actually Troy a growing majority of us ARE leaving our children intact. The percentage of uncircumcised males in the United States varies widely by age. Circumcision was once a very common in the U.S., but in the past 20 years the number of newborn males being circumcised has dropped from over 80% to under 40% So while there ARE cut guys here (like it was our fucking choice!) There are fewer and fewer. I would expect any reasonably intelligent person to not to make assumptions and generalizations of 300 million people, it makes you look pretty stupid.

  11. This guy was in tonight’s episode of Saving grace!!!!!

  12. His profile is gone. He is definitely the real Bug. He was also in a Lindsey Lohan movie called Get a Clue, and was very cute then. I think the tats are not real, they look like they were sharpied on.

  13. Alex, I think the guy was talking about the fact that he’s circumcised. Nothing to do with the tats or piercings!

  14. @Alex, Troy was probably referring to the fact that he is circumcised. You were still right in that he was being rude, though.
    Anyway, IIRC, XPeeps is a site for porn actors and wannabes. Does that mean this kid grew into an adult entertainment actor?
    Someone should look into this. I could stand to watch a pussy-pounding if he was doing it and they didn’t cut out all the footage of him like straight porn tends to do.

  15. Urgh, the dirty boys destroy me … I’m yours, Alfalfa …

  16. *agrees with el polacko*
    But w/e. He’s prolly straight, so if girls are into the tats and piercings, more power to him.
    It’s so weird, though. I just remembered what he looked like in that film. Man, I feel old and perverted, and I’m prolly not that much older than him.

  17. Hey Troy, shut up. Don’t lump all American males in that category. I know plenty of guys, including myself, who don’t have any piercings or tattoos anywhere on our bodies. Just cause you see one guy like this, don’t generalize, please. It just makes you seem ignorant.

  18. Damn! Hot indeed. I’d hit it BIG time. Love, love, love that scruffy, laid back kinda look. WOOF!

  19. So, he took the picture in the bathroom, then had the heart tattoo done, then took the picture in the mattress store/bedroom? This guy is sorta hot, except for the tattooes, but, he also had way too much time on his hands…whoever he is.

  20. luvdatfurryazz | April 10, 2010 at 4:07 am | Reply

    NOTTT THATT BADD- pretty hot- i love pierced and tattooed- do not like shaved- but he is shaved obviously to show the people that get that low and close up to it-his tattoos on it. So i do not understand the philosophy–rather see that ass too. but i sure would not ever say No to him–he can come wiggle his waggle anytime my way-i’d give him the world in a few hours time indeed. p-st.louis

  21. His body is hot, but his junk looks gross

  22. Um… that’s not technically his scotum. LOL He looks dirty… not my type at all.

  23. get rid of the hideous tattoos, the piercings, and grow some damn pubes, and he would be a hot guy.

  24. He’s hot, in a trashy kind of way

  25. OMG indeed, you even have to ask?! Extremely hot! I’d love to get my hands on Alfalfa and his sprout!

  26. Yes, please!

  27. Wow, trailer hotness!

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