!! OMG, double take: Beyonce’s Billboard performance !!

Yesterday, I went all craycray for Beyonce‘s performance of Run the World (Girls) at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards — but today it looks like we’re dealing with a sliiiiightly different situation. It seems that Ms. B ain’t the first performer to work with design company Tribe, Inc., who choreographed similar animation for Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini, among others. So, while Beyonce’s performance was still ah-mazing, I’m disappointed that it’s not exactly original. You?
Watch Lorella Cuccarini’s performance with the visuals at last year’s Sanremo Music Festival after the jump.
(Thanks to Produzentin for the tip!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, double take: Beyonce’s Billboard performance"

  1. the song and the performance was horrible, the song is so terribly bad, it sounds like it was a left over track from her last album

  2. It still takes a hell of a lot of skill and timing to pull off her performance and there is no denying that that woman can dance and bring it.

  3. this is where the whole performance idea was taken from, nothing original as usual. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgICT1G4YRg

  4. There goes beyonce stealing peoples shit again.

  5. @bmcbmc-EXACTLY! A lot of artists have used Tribe Inc. It’s like someone was just Youtube surfing and said, “hey, this looks like Bey’s performance” and didn’t bother to do research to see that it wasn’t really Lorella’s idea either. It’s Tribe Designs graphics and presentation. So they own that idea. If anything, the people that should be upset is Beyonce and Lorella because the designers gave them both somewhat similar ideas to work with. But on the flip side not really, because once again TRIBE DESIGNED IT!!!

  6. No offense, but if it’s a design company Tribe that set it up and other artists used it then really what’s the issue? If Lorella came up with the idea, then yeah it would be a rip off. But from what I have read it’s Tribe and Kenzo Designs that did choreography. Then that would mean that Lorella chick stole it too. It has small similarities, otherwise I scratch my head over the big deal some critics are making over it. It’s not like Rihanna’s S&M video where it is exactly the same as photos done by Dave LaChappelle. And even then that is the director’s fault, not Rihanna’s. So if Tribe gave her the idea and it’s commissioned by their company then that’s their idea. Especially since more than just Lorella used it. Which people did not bother to mention when they posted the crap on youtube making it out to be hers exclusively. Tribe has been doing this for a while. It’s just that Beyonce brought it to people who weren’t familiar. And the presentation was awesome.

  7. I think kylie also used similar effects in her “get out of my way” video

  8. Whatever, Beyonce’s performance was awesome. This italian chick looks ridiculous and didn’t do the presentation any justice.

  9. Hi Quartz,
    We had already posted the revision before you commented, but we do always appreciate reader tips!
    xo F

  10. Shouldn’t you thank me for the tip?

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