!! OMG, dragalicious: Behind the scenes with Raja !!

If Raja doesn’t win season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sing Supermodel again with quite the same…enthusiasm. It just wouldn’t be fair. I mean did you SEE that Marie Antoinette fierceness she served up two weeks ago? Flawless. Check out this behind-the-scenes video with Raja discussing her time at the key makeup artist on America’s Next Top Model. Note the smizing when she mentions Tyra.
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7 Comments on "OMG, dragalicious: Behind the scenes with Raja"

  1. Ick, a big NO on Raja winning. I can’t stand his superior attitude. And he’s not doing drag so much as costume art. I don’t see much sincerity in his work — it’s like he’s just visiting (make that slumming) the show or something. I don’t think he would be a good representative for RuPaul and Absolut. He’d probably just jump on the next good offer he got, with or without the drag.

  2. Raja is fierce however she can’t ever hide that LUMBERJACK voice so with that she should not be the next top dragqueen. Besides always acting entitled she should sashay away soon not sure yet who I want to win but not her.

  3. I know Raja has connections, but I can’t see her winning the season. Rupaul likes queens that are either really pretty or really feminine and Raja just is not bringing it. Judging from who won last season I think we might be surprised and see Carmen Carrera win.

  4. I will have to admit that Raja IS a much better queen than Shangela! …BUT, I definitely think there is something fishy (no pun intended) with this season of Drag Race. Being a huge fan of Top Model, I was rooting for Raja when I heard she was going to be a part of the show, but then I saw the first episode. One of the guest judges was Mike Ruiz, whom Raja had worked with on Top Model and who won that episode…Raja. When Delta and Shangela did not get eliminated (them being two of the weakest in the pack, IMO), I had a ? over my head UNTIL it was revealed that they are/were friends with Raja….oooookkkk, I get it now. So by using this logic, Raja WILL win this season. And IMO, it will be undeserved…

  5. I’m rooting for Manila here. She’s funny, gives good runway and is creative. Raja is fierce and couture awesome, but not dazzling in the challenges. Shangela is really funny, but lacking on the runway mostly and does piss poor makeup.

  6. Top 3 Winner : RAJA
    Runner up : Manilla and Alexis Mateo..
    Shangela is sooooo shady and nobody likes her. She’ll get sashayed away soon….

  7. I think if she wins, I may never watch DragRace again! She is just too masculine… she doesn’t even try to hide it. She REALLY IS just a man in a dress. Shangela all the way!

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