!! OMG gossip: DOMA’s days are numbered !!

President Obama has finally said that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and the Department of Justice will not defend it in court [queerty]
Is Oprah trying to tone down Rosie O’Donnell before her new show event starts? [popeater]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets seriously Punk’d [daily what]
OMG Domino’s pizza saved this woman’s life! [dlisted]
New Vampire Diaries ad campaign is contagious… Not in a good way. [zombie toenails]
Lady Gaga takes “no pants” to the next level: Thong. [drunken stepfather, site nsfw]
Lindsay Lohan is going to jail [pitnb]
Little Asian boy gives Christina Aguilera a run for her money in his rendition of her Burlesque routine [l.a. rag mag]
Drew Barrymore‘s new boyfriend is cute [evil beet]
Who did Justin Bieber grace with a gift of his hair? [popbytes]
OMG drunk ice cream truck driver! [uncoached]
OMG Kenneth gets in a Twitter fight with two Real Housewives! [kenneth]
Alex Pettyfer takes off his shirt for Russian GQ [oh la la]
OMG Pee-Wee Herman opens on Broadway! [socialite life]
Gays in Botswana are suing the government over sodomy laws [towleroad]
Cameron Diaz has male basketball player arms! When did this happen? [celeb jihad]
OMG monkey + puppy love! [the berry]
Was The King’s Speech filmed on the same set as a gay adult video? [queerclick, site nsfw]
OMG food court marriage proposal goes tragically wrong [starcasm]

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