!! OMG, dream come true: Penis Fish !!

It’s probably best not to ask how or why I found this clip, but I did.
The Fat Innkeeper Worm, also known as the “Korean Penis Fish”, is the perfect species – a big fat throbbing dick with nobody attached to complain about your teeth.
See a couple videos after the jump.

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2 Comments on "OMG, dream come true: Penis Fish"

  1. Damn Graydon, you seriously need to get laid. When a slimy worm looks appealing just cause its kinda penis shaped. Plus it isn’t circumcised… the horror. 😉
    I almost didn’t look beyond the headline thinking this was about the other penis fish, which is better not to think about:

  2. Disturbing. Guess it’s abstinence until I can get that those videos out of my head.

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