!! OMG, Drone Diva: Chelsea Wolfe for Converse x Decibel !!

Chelsea begins the song with “I don’t want money and all his friends”, so I’m like “Oh, that’s really nice she is against mainstream capitalism, spending time on her own -you know- like learning some shit about what life’s really about…but then she starts asking for all this really expensive shit:

“I want flood lights
I want flower fields”

Honey, you just said you didn’t want all that monetary crap, oh ok, you don’t want money, you just want things that cost loads of money instead. Every time she floats through to the other room, they find her watching QVC; buying bespoke vineleaf rings and kitchen implements galore.

OMG, is she getting a DOUBLE-FISTED BDSM CRANIO-SACRAL MASSAGE?! That shit is ex- pen- sive!

[via decibel]

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